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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top 10 Buddhist Social Networking Sites

Buddhism founded in India 2,500 years ago. The world's fourth largest religion:

1. Christianity - 1.9 billion - 2.1 billion

2. Islam - 1.3 billion - 1.57 billion

3. Hinduism - 950 million - 1 billion

4. Buddhism - 500 millions - 1.5 billion

Buddhist are united with their social networking. Now, here's the top ten social networking sites dedicated to the study and observance of Buddhist principles to subscribe to for those interested.

1. One of the best known Buddhist social networking sites is Tricyle online.

2. Facebook has become such a juggernaut that niche audiences have found a place to find a community of like minded people.

3. The Shambhala Sun Newspaper hosts a great site for Buddhist Social networking at the SunSpace Blog.

4. is an excellent site to share photos, news, and opinions about Buddhism.

5. is a great place for resources and knowledge about Buddhist opinions on real world events.

6. is a compilation of classifieds and information posts from thousands of Buddhists worldwide.

7. For online working and sharing, Ashoka is a great resource for Buddhist networking.

8. OnBuddhist is yet another popular Buddhist resource. An original layout design brings a refreshing look to social networking with soft colors and tones.

9. Buddhist Passions for some more in depth thoughts and idea collaboration. Grabbing headlines help sort out topics of interest for visitors.

10. E-Sangha is another community forum for posting on Buddhist topics. Pros are the wealth of poetry; cons are the lack of a whole lot of diverse content.


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