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Monday, May 10, 2010

Metaphor for Media Literacy

Money Makes the World Go Round = Good vs. Evil

This is a process one can use to improve media literacy:

A picture is worth a thousand words and messages can be powerful using visual literacy.

Media literacy teaches us to critically analyze, evaluate, access, and understand all types of media e.g., TV, radio, books, video, music, newspaper, internet, and emails including mass media. We need the skills to be active consumers of media messages. Today’s society appears to simply accept messages without any questions.

Try these 10 technique steps:

1. Understand the message being conveyed.

2. Discuss many possibilities and interpretations with others.

3. Ask questions from the ordinary.

4. Use your judgment to find if the information is reliable.

5. Apply some strategy and sample the content.

6. Research Google and/or Yahoo.

7. Know how to negotiate when participating in discussion rooms.

8. Analyze the message for accuracy.

9. Demonstrate the ability to distinguish from facts and fiction.

10. Participate in networks of trust.


  1. It looks like you are applying media literacy requirements to the use of media by religion. That is a good connection. Probably could be done in tandem.

  2. As you know religion is good and evil and media literacy can be too if you do not comprehend it properly. This is a way to work the two groups together.

  3. Is it religion that is bad or how the religion is interpreted? There are certainly extremists in all religions. Social media provides the world as a stage to talk to many different people from many different cultures.

  4. I don't believe it is that religion itself is Bad, but Belief. How one pushes their belief because of what Paul stated, "it is interpreted". You can see it in Cults, Jihadist's, and Zealots. How they push their Belief because of the way they interpret it. Others of the same religious faith as those mentioned above believe in a different way and it is Good.


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