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Sunday, May 2, 2010

An Example of Religion and Social Media

Your thoughts on religion mixed with rapping, does this offend any religious group?


  1. I curious about your comment in your Social Media presentation, "Christian culture frustrated by some mass media"? The younger generations are becoming more versed every day in the use of social networking and various forms of media. They start at a very young age. The fastest growth in the use of social media is the 70+. There are commercials specifically targeted to senior citizens. Perhaps the frustration perceived is due to a need to improve training for the different media tools?


  2. I think this will be perfect; unfortunately, most of the dedicated church goers are in their middle age and above; that means, we need to educate them about this new, revolutionary, tool.

  3. Follow-up on comments:
    1.) pandejt: "Christian culture frustrated by some mass media"? Mass media meaning some movies, religious groups like Christians did not like the “The Matrix” considered as a cult movie the new Jesus Christ Neo Anderson and “Casablanca” another cult movie. A cult is a religion regarded as unorthodox.

  4. Follow-up on comments:
    2.) Lidia yes, that maybe true because most of the baby bombers are into social networking heavy and would love this type of rapping. I am anxious to see the emerging media survey results to see answers for age group 56 and above what internet site visited and how often vs. how many hours of TV.


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